HASH CIB Trades Futures on BitMEX. Here’s Why.

We at HASH CIB are humbled to be part of BitMEX’s Partner Program. This initiative allows us to expand our core offering while challenging us to continuously innovate our products and services. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with BitMEX and its clients for years to come.

We have chosen to operate our algorithmic trading strategies on BitMEX since 2018 for a vast number of reasons. BitMEX is one of the largest, and most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges. The execution engine of the platform is extremely good and effective slippage is minimal, which is critical for our operations which effectively rely on taker volume. Where BitMEX differs from other platforms is that currently all contracts are margined in BTC, which allows customers like us to trade perpetual futures for different assets, while maintaining our notional in BTC. This makes all the difference for a large portion of our clients, who are long-term holders of BTC and would like to earn additional return on top of their BTC holdings from our trend-following strategy.

BitMEX’s commitment to strengthening partnerships with service providers across many industries and delivering additional value to consumers is admirable to say the least. The team’s collaboration with other partners to continuously innovate the technology behind the platform underlines their ongoing efforts to provide the most advanced and complete derivatives trading experience.

One of the most important aspects of managing several accounts on behalf of our clients is security. Here, the exchange outperforms its peers and gives us and our clients complete peace of mind. BitMEX’s security, powered by the four-layered system which protects wallets, the platform itself, the trading engine, and all communications, is the best in its class.

To sum things up, we would like to leave you with a quote from Our CEO and Founder, Yakov Barinsky, who stated: “The BitMEX’s Partner Program underlines the importance of our long-standing relationship based on trust and technological excellence.”

To commemorate our partnership, we are waiving our management fees for new BitMEX clients for a period of six months. This campaign will run from July 1st till the end of the year. If you are eager to put your BTC to work and to participate in our proven trend-following algo strategy, sign up for the campaign here or learn more about our strategies.

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